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Network Disclosure Announcement No. 459

On September 23, 2005, the FCC issued the Appropriate Framework for Broadband Access to the Internet over Wireline Facilities Order which ruled that “BOCs are immediately relieved of the separate subsidiary, CEI and ONA obligations with respect to wireline broadband Internet access services” (paragraph 41).

As a result of this FCC order, beginning January 30, 2006, Network Disclosure #459 Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line (RADSL) Interface (Including the Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) Interface will be updated to remove the interface requirements and specifications along with the deployment data including Central Office and Remote DMT/CAP deployment locations.

Qwest customers wanting to inquire about DSL should check the Qwest Product and Services Internet and DSL site.

Resellers of Qwest’s DSL product should contact their Qwest Service Manager for information on Qwest DSL deployment locations.

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Questions regarding Network Disclosure information can be referred to the individual listed on the Disclosure Announcement or e-mail Dean Martineau, Qwest's Manager of Network Disclosures at