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CenturyLink High-Speed Internet features the...

Consumer Internet Protection Program

CenturyLink's Consumer Internet Protection Program (CIPP) is designed to make it easy for you to clean and secure your computers and network if malicious software or viruses have taken hold. The CIPP:

  • Notifies you of malware/virus infections on your network
  • Provides resources and tools to help you clean your infected computer
  • Informs you about good Internet habits and how to minimize the risks

The Consumer Internet Protection Program (CIPP) is part of CenturyLink's ongoing commitment to make the Internet safer for customers and is available to most residential and small-business CenturyLink high-speed internet customers at no additional charge. It's yet another way that CenturyLink is Stronger Connected.

CIPP provides virus and malware notification, mitigation and security education.

CenturyLink does not monitor our customers' Internet traffic, but relies on trusted third party notification that our customers’ computers are performing malicious acts on the Internet, such as trying to scan and infect other computers on the Internet, sending spam from their computers, participating in botnets that launch denial of service attacks against other Internet users or websites and other malicious activity.

We understand that you are not performing these actions, but that your computer is infected with malicious software and someone else or the malware is performing those actions.

What is a Computer Virus?

A virus is a hidden program that spreads itself to other computers, usually without your knowledge.

  • Viruses often spread through e-mail attachments or files downloaded from the Internet
  • Some viruses do their damage as soon as they infect a computer, but others may lie dormant
  • Although some viruses are harmless, many can be quite harmful, slowing your computer's performance and/or permanently destroying your important files
  • Viruses can allow others to take control of your computer and steal your personal information

We want you to be safe

When malicious activity is detected on your account, we provide web and email (when available) notifications for your protection and privacy. Follow the instructions carefully.

Once you have removed the malware from your computer, you should consider installing anti-virus software such as McAfee Anti-Virus, which also comes with your CenturyLink high-speed internet service. Anti-virus software can detect viruses and malware and prevent them from being installed on your computer.

For more information on how to protect your personal information and to learn about good Internet security, visit our Digital Safety & Security web site!

Here is some helpful information if you've been notified of infection:

I keep getting a notification that there’s a virus on my network. What does "my session has been limited" mean?

CenturyLink limits access to the Internet for customers to make you aware that the computer or a computer associated with this account is infected with a virus or malware. CenturyLink needs you to clean the virus or malware from the infected computer to prevent you from infecting other users on the Internet.

I'm certain the computer I'm on doesn't have a virus.

There are possibly other computers associated with this account. For example, other computers connected to the network could be infected. It is also possible that you have cleaned the infected computer between the time a virus was detected on your account and when CenturyLink limited your Internet session. If this is the case, follow the instructions on the notification and acknowledge that you have removed the virus.

If your network supports wireless access and wireless security is not turned on, then it is possible for others to use your network without your knowledge. Make sure your wireless network has security enabled.

I don't know how to clean a virus from my computer. Can CenturyLink clean my computer for me?

Yes. Residential customers can use the Enhanced Computer Services. A one-time charge will apply.

Did CenturyLink scan my computer for viruses?

No. CenturyLink does not scan customers' computers.